Business Forms, Photos Now Shared on Idea Exchange

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ABA member booksellers can now take advantage of an upload (and download) function in two of BookWeb's Idea Exchange forums. The enhancement is enabled in the Education Forum to allow booksellers to share ideas, best business practices, forms, lists, and other resource materials that may exist in different formats. Through the upload feature in the Bookstore Photo Gallery, members can post bookstore photos for consideration for inclusion in the International Booksellers Federation's" 50 Unique Bookshops" calendar, as well as to share with ABA and fellow booksellers.

Currently, booksellers can find samples of consignment forms and a sample survey posted by their colleagues to the Education Forum. And a number of photos are on view in Bookstore Photo Gallery.

Attaching documents or photos to a posting in the Education Forum or Bookstore Photo Gallery is simple: A bookseller creates a posting in the usual manner, but now below the text box is an option to attach a file. When this is selected, and the bookseller clicks on "Post a New Thread" or "Reply to This Thread," he or she will then be presented with a screen that allows the attachment of a file in just a few easy steps.

Attached files do not automatically appear in the forum. ABA staff must review and approve documents before they are uploaded. Attachments will be reviewed by staff to make sure that they comply with BookWeb's "Website Statement, Policies, and Forum Agreement." Information about specific discounts that may be included on documents must be deleted before upload.

Forums are only accessible to ABA member booksellers, who have created a BookWeb Member Account. (An ABA ID number is required.)