Carmichael's Finds LIBRIS Fits the Bill

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Carol Besse, co-owner of Carmichael's Books in Louisville, Kentucky, shares her recent happy experience with LIBRIS, the insurance company formed by ABA to provide affordable insurance protection for its members.

I just had a happy experience I want to share with fellow ABA members.

I tried LIBRIS insurance a couple of years ago and couldn't get what I considered a simple apples-to-apples quote and abandoned the process in frustration. I also have an allegiance to my local agent who I have been with for 30-plus years.

When I got back from Winter Institute 5, I got a call from someone at LIBRIS who said they now have a program -- an outgrowth of IndieBound -- that allows booksellers to contract with LIBRIS and still retain their local insurance agent. So I said OK, I'd let them quote me, but I asked them to contact my local agent and talk with him so they could speak their "insurance language" and compare their quote to what we have now.

I got a call yesterday from my agent who said LIBRIS could save us $2,000 a year (that's TWO THOUSAND!) and that it was a good policy backed by a good company (Traveler's) and he didn't see any reason why we shouldn't switch. So I am switching.

Obviously everyone might not have the same experience, but I thought it was worth sharing mine and letting people know it might be worth a try/quote.

Carol Besse
Carmichael's Bookstores
Louisville, Kentucky
2009 PW Bookseller of the Year

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