December “Counterspeak” Episode to Feature Author David Kirby

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When They Come For You by David KirbyThe December episode of Counterspeak, the monthly podcast of the American Booksellers for Free Expression (ABFE), will feature a conversation with author David Kirby about his recently released book, When They Come for You: How Police and Government Are Trampling Our Liberties — and How to Take Them Back (St. Martin’s Press). The episode, to be released December 4, will be available for download on BookWebSpotify, and iTunes.

Counterspeak is co-hosted by American Booksellers Association Director of ABFE, Advocacy, and Public Policy Dave Grogan and ABA Content Director Sydney Jarrard. The podcast addresses issues pertaining to free expression and the First Amendment.

In December’s installment, Kirby and Jarrard will discuss When They Come for You and the status of free speech in America. The title explores how federal, state, and local governments have violated Americans’ fundamental constitutional rights, ranging from free speech to due process. Kirby cites examples such as crackdowns on the freedom of the press and the right to peaceful assembly. The book tells the true stories of how Americans are resisting this encroachment.

Each month, Counterspeak features interviews with experts on the First Amendment and free speech, as well as discussions on relevant current events. Listeners can contact the Counterspeak podcast team at [email protected].

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