Direct From Kobo: Why eRead? Customer Reactions to Kobo’s Seven-Day eReading Challenge

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In the following video and blog posting from Kobo, booksellers will find ideas for promoting eReading and eBook sales via their store websites:

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures — an escape, the gathering of knowledge, or a journey of enlightenment. Whatever the motivation, reading is perhaps most easily done the old fashioned way: By opening a book.

So what would eReading offer to a print loyalist?

As it turns out, it can be a great option for even the most die-hard book lover. Earlier this year, Kobo issued a challenge to self-confessed print-lovers: “Just try it. Give us a week.” The result was surprising for many of the eReading first-timers.

The ability to easily change font size was appealing to some of the testers; the easy-on-the-eyes backlight was a boon to others (especially those who like to read longer at night than their spouses); and being able to have lots of books at hand without the weight of print editions (especially important for slipping in some reading time on the daily commute) were among the top pluses.

eReading can also help support a booklover’s favorite local bookshop. Kobo-affiliated bookstores are credited for any eBook purchased by an affiliated customer.

Watch the video to hear more from readers on the benefits digital reading can have for all kinds of customers: