Downtime to Precede Major Upgrade

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Over the weekend of November 13, will bring its new production database and servers online. While the result of the upgrade will mean increased speed and stability for participants' Web sites, members should be prepared for significant downtime on Saturday, November 13, and Sunday, November 14.

Len Vlahos, director, said he expects the downtime to be focused on the second half of Saturday, and the first half of Sunday. During this period, consumers will not be able to access sites, and booksellers will not able to access their Admin page. In both cases users will be presented with a "maintenance page," instructing them to return later.

Vlahos noted that the increased speed and stability would greatly benefit members during the upcoming holiday rush and provide a platform for further growth.

Booksellers that have any questions about the upgrade should contact Len Vlahos at [email protected].