E-Books From Five Publishers Delisted on ABA IndieCommerce

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On the cusp of the April 1 switch to an agency model for e-books, negotiations were ongoing between five major publishers and wholesalers, including Ingram, and others in the supply chain. In a communication to IndieCommerce participants, ABA COO Len Vlahos explained that a short-term consequence of the switch would be the delisting of e-books from Hachette, HarperCollins (including Zondervan), Macmillan, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster on IndieCommerce websites.

"While we are hopeful that the situation will be resolved quickly and that the delisted titles will be restored," said Vlahos. "I want to assure [IndieCommerce participants] that we are aggressively seeking alternative sources of e-book distribution from a variety of companies. Over the coming months, we expect to substantially increase the IndieCommerce digital offerings in ways that will help you serve your customers better."

In the meantime, IndieCommerce websites are able to feature e-book titles from other publishers that are still available through Ingram.