E-Commerce Update: Moving Into Spring, Sales Remain Steady

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When comparing the e-commerce conversion rate (the percentage of website customers that complete an online transaction) over the past seven days (blue line) to the previous seven days (orange line), we are seeing only a 0.1 percent drop in the conversion rate. 

E-commerce update graph 1, which shows a .1 percent drop in sales

Traffic also remained very consistent over the past seven days, with only a 2.18 percent drop in users compared to the previous week.

E-commerce update graph 2, which shows a consistent number of online users

Spring is approaching and the weather in many parts of the U.S. is getting warmer. People are going outside more and more people are also getting vaccinated. The combination of these two factors is going to have an impact on online sales. Right now, that impact is still surprisingly low and online sales remain strong compared to pre-COVID levels.