Edelweiss Offers New Option for Indie Next List Nominations

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Booksellers can now submit their nominations to the Indie Next List by entering reviews directly into Edelweiss. The process is simple and allows for maximum exposure of reviews, as it enables booksellers to simultaneously submit their blurbs to the Indie Next List, post them on the Edelweiss product page, and send them to the book’s publisher.

To access the form, booksellers should log in to Edelweiss (to create a log-in, visit the Edelweiss Registration Page) and search for the book they would like to nominate. On the book’s page, click “Your Review,” enter the nomination blurb, and select “Submit to Indie Next.” To simultaneously submit a blurb to the title’s publisher, booksellers should also select “Submit to Publisher.”

When booksellers submit their reviews through the Edelweiss form, the nominations go directly to the American Booksellers Association to be included in the Indie Next List database. As always, booksellers are welcome to send nominations via BookWeb or by e-mail to [email protected].

Upcoming nomination deadlines are August 2 for the October 2013 Indie Next List, and August 16 for the Fall/Winter 2013–2014 Indie Next List for Reading Groups. Booksellers can refer to the Indie Next List nomination guidelines for advice about writing compelling blurbs for stellar titles.