Enthusiasm Grows for Fire on the Mountain Fundraising Campaign

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Following the participation of Firehouse.com, the leading fire and emergency services Internet portal, there is growing consumer awareness and interest in the Book Sense and History Channel "The Fire on the Mountain, Campaign for Communities: Firefighter Fundraiser" promotion. The national fundraiser runs from September 9 through October 25 and will coincide with a documentary based on the book Fire on the Mountain: The True Story of the South Canyon Fire (Washington Square Press) by John N. Maclean. The documentary will air on The History Channel on October 28.

The Firefighter Fundraiser offers independent bookstores an opportunity to help their communities by raising funds for their local firefighters. The participation of Firehouse.com -- which included a news story and information banners that click though to a special Web page about the fundraiser -- touched a chord with visitors to the Web site. Within days, Meg Smith, BookSense.com business development and marketing manager, had received numerous e-mails, which lauded the program and also requested assistance in setting up connections with independent booksellers.

"We were hoping that the participation of Firehouse.com would create double energy in a way, with both sides of the fundraiser connecting and talking to each other, and it clearly has. The volunteer firemen we’ve heard from are thrilled that the public will be reminded of the dire need for donations and equipment," said Smith.

Participating bookstores have received special in-store materials from Book Sense: Fire on the Mountain show and promotion bookmarks, a poster, and a campaign counter-easel. Stores will be asked to provide a firefighter's boot -- the traditional firehouse method for collecting money -- from a local firehouse to hold customer contributions (though stores may utilize another container). In addition to the funds collected in the store, one community will be chosen to receive an additional $2,500 award for their local firefighters, courtesy of The History Channel, with participation from Washington Square Press.

For more information, booksellers can e-mail Smith at [email protected].