Entrepreneur Press Offers Book Sense Booksellers Chance to Meet a Hall of Famer

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Book Sense booksellers should check the September White Box for the Entrepreneur Press "There's No Business Like Sports Business" Sweepstakes materials, publicizing The Business Playbook: Leadership Lessons From the World of Sports by sports marketing master Brandon Steiner. Book Sense booksellers and their customers could each win the Grand Prize: a chance to meet a Hall of Famer (and game tickets) for the sport of their choice.

"We developed the 'There's No Business Like Sports Business' Sweepstakes specifically for Book Sense booksellers," explained Leanne Harvey, director of marketing for Entrepreneur Press. "Creating excitement at the grassroots level is their forte, and we are very enthusiastic to be able to partner with them nationwide on this 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to give both a bookseller and a consumer the chance to meet a sports Hall of Famer."

The promotion, set to begin October 7 and to conclude on April 7, 2004, includes the following materials: a 9" x 12" counter easel, entry cards, removable stickers announcing the contest for placement on the book jacket, and insert entry forms for placement inside the book. To participate, booksellers should order copies of The Business Playbook (ISBN: 1-891984-96-9), so that they are on hand by October 7. The display materials inside the White Box mailing can be utilized to create great displays to attract sports fans and businesspeople alike.

Consumers can enter to win tickets to a game of their favorite sport and to meet a Hall of Famer. Entries can be made through the take-one cards on the POP display or through the in-book entry form.

To enter the booksellers contest, Book Sense booksellers should send Entrepreneur Press a photo of their Playbook display by November 15, and it will be entered in a random drawing among participating booksellers to win a chance to attend a pro game of their favorite sport and to meet a Hall of Famer. Photos should be sent electronically to lharvey@entrepreneur.com or mailed to Leanne Harvey, Entrepreneur Press, 2445 McCabe Way, Irvine, California, 92614.

For more information about sweepstakes, contact Leanne Harvey, lharvey@entrepreneur.com.

To order copies of The Business Playbook: Leadership Lessons From the World of Sports, contact NBN at (800) 462-6420.