Everything You Need to Know About Winter Institute

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Registered booksellers should check their inboxes (and spam folders) for an invitation to log in to the American Booksellers Association’s 16th annual Winter Institute (Wi16), which is taking place February 18-20.

The important emails about Winter Institute have the following subject lines:

  • Get Ready for the 16th Annual Winter Institute! (sent from [email protected] on Monday, February 15)
  • Virtual World, Real Booksellers: A Winter Institute Itinerary (sent from [email protected] on Tuesday, February 16)
  • Here’s Your Login Link for Winter Institute (sent from [email protected] on Wednesday, February 17)
  • Log in Now to Join Winter Institute! (coming from [email protected] on Thursdsay, February 18)

Additional important links for Winter Institute are as follows:

If you signed up for meetings or events within Winter Institute, you should watch or check your inbox for the following:

  • From the IndieCommerce staff ([email protected]): IndieCommerce one-on-one appointment registration confirmations with Google Meet links (sent on Friday, February 13)
  • From the American Booksellers Association ([email protected]): Your Zoom link to join the Bookseller-to-Bookseller Discussion Groups on February 18 (sent on Monday, February 15)
  • From the American Booksellers Association ([email protected]): For booksellers who expressed interest in attending, a link to the BIPOC Coffee Break on February 18 (coming on Thursday, February 18)

Attendees experiencing technical difficulties can email [email protected]. General questions can be sent to [email protected]. ABA staff are working hard to ensure all questions get answered in a timely manner.