Gift Certificate Update: New Town/State Flier Coming in December -- Maps Still Available

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Thanks to the generous support of publisher partner John Wiley & Sons, we are able to afford the printing and mailing of a new, updated town/state listing flier with the Book Sense gift certificate message. We're rushing it into production now, and your copies will be sent by Priority Mail in early to mid December. We know that's tight, but Wiley's message on its part of the flier will be backlist, NOT giftbook oriented, so this flier will be good well into 2003. We can catch the peak weeks of December, the big week after Christmas, the January biz (which has been getting stronger in recent years), AND have enough fliers printed to supply you right through Mother's and Father's Day. Thank you, Wiley!

Also, a reminder: Both large and small gift certificate maps, which were put together with help from our friends at Fodor's, are still available upon request to The map is a great way to inform your customers about gift certificates. If you're a new Book Sense store and your location is not on the map, you can easily add it.

The map is also available online in different sizes and formats at And downloadable Book Sense bookstore directories by state are available at

Don't forget to check your gift certificate stock!

Carl, Mark and Jill