Highlights From the July 15 Kobo “What You Need to Know” Newsletter

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The latest edition of the Kobo “What You Need to Know” Newsletter provides updates on device availability, price drop promotions, and new content created by the Kobo merchandising team for store websites.

Device update: Kobo will not be replenishing the Aura eReader, effective immediately.
Kobo is encouraging booksellers to recommend the Glo HD eReader instead. The Glo HD, which launched in the U.S. in May, has a MSRP of $129.99. All orders can be placed by visiting: us.kobobooks.com/.

Be sure to tell customers to set up a Kobo account with your store prior to ordering a new device from the Kobo website to ensure they will be affiliated with your store. They can set up an account at kobo.com/indieapp.

Kobo Aura price drop promotion in effect until July 24; reporting deadline August 5.
Even though Kobo will not be replenishing the Aura, the price promotion continues. The retail price is now $99.99. Kobo will reimburse stores $38 for each unit in stock as of June 24 that is sold at the reduced price between June 24 and July 24.

In order to receive the rebate via ACH transfer, stores must submit supporting documentation via the Kobo Reporting Tool by the reporting deadline of August 5, 2015. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Reminder: There is a change in the accessories discount code for online ordering.
For all accessory purchases online, stores should use a new discount code, which will provide a 40 percent discount on accessories. The ordering website is us.kobobooks.com.

A content block from the Kobo merchandising team is available for your website.
Ready-made content about trilogies that carried on long after their third installments has been compiled by the Kobo merchandising team. Booksellers are invited to use “Great Literary ‘Trilogies’ That Didn’t Stop at 3” for inspiration or as a straight bit of content for their websites. Check out the content out in the full July 15 edition of the Kobo newsletter.

Questions and comments about all things Kobo-related are welcome at [email protected].