Independent Bookstore Day Brings Back Marketing-in-a-Mailer

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Independent Bookstore Day logo

Booksellers looking for an easy way to promote Independent Bookstore Day, which will be held this year on April 28, can now order the Bookstore Day Marketing-in-a-Mailer. Each mailer contains signage of various sizes, a window sticker, book teasers, shelf-talkers, and balloons. The mailer is $20 (including shipping) and must be ordered by March 15.

This year, more than 500 independent booksellers will participate in Independent Bookstore Day.

Orders of the special literary-themed IBD merchandise will ship by April 15. Booksellers can use IBD items for display as soon as they are received, but no items may be sold in-store until the day of the event. Stores can sell remaining items on their own websites beginning May 8, but booksellers are asked not to sell the items on third-party websites.

To promote the event, booksellers can buy IBD T-shirts and tote bags. Bags will ship in early March and may be sold immediately; to receive T-shirts by April 28, booksellers should place their orders by April 5.

Visit the Independent Bookstore Day website to learn more about the event; the “For the Trade” section includes a handy month-by-month planning guide, bookseller information and FAQs, and more. Booksellers can follow Independent Bookstore Day on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.