IndieBound Affiliate Program Offers Live Commission Reports

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version's Affiliate Program, which has been quickly growing since its inception, now offers live commission reporting for all affiliates.

The main navigation bar on includes an Affiliate Program drop-down menu, a portal to make changes, get reports, and create links. The menu, which is visible when affiliates are logged onto, includes these options:

Update Affiliate Info
Here, affiliates may change or update account information, such as website name, description or URL, and all pertinent payment information.

Affiliate Commissions Report
New reports allow users to see affiliate traffic, earnings in commissions, and payment history.

  • Clicks for last 30 days
    See how many clicks that affiliate links have received in the past month. Since Affiliate Reporting went live on February 9, click tracking starts on that day.
  • Commissions since last payment cycle
    This view displays how much affiliates have earned in commissions for each payment cycle, plus a commission amount total. Users will also be alerted here if they are eligible to receive a check at the next payment date. Amounts earned before 1/1/2010 will appear as "Previously Earned."
  • Previous payments
    A report keeps track of all previous payments from the IndieBound Affiliate Program. (Payments issued before 1/1/2010 will not appear here.)

Links and widgets
The Affiliate Program drop-down menu still includes our Book Widget creator and Affiliate Link generator.

The Affiliate Program offers a unique indie bookstore option for authors, publishers, and bloggers who promote sales of books on their websites. The program provides all of the tools needed to easily link to hundreds of independent bookstore websites offering more than 3.5 million titles.

To help booksellers promote the Affiliate Program, ABA has created a letter in PDF format, which booksellers can copy and distribute, and the Affiliate Page includes all the necessary links and information to get started. In addition, questions about IndieBound may be addressed to IndieBound Outreach Liaison Paige Poe at [email protected] or (800) 637-0037, ext 6668.