IndieCommerce Update: Lower Rates on Credit Card Transactions

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Three improvements to ABA IndieCommerce websites were announced this week, including one that has resulted in lower rates on credit card transactions.

1) A new credit card processor

IndieCommerce has switched its credit card processor to Bank of America, resulting in lower rates on each transaction:


Old Processor

Bank of America


0.29 + 2.14%

0.19 + 2.09%


0.29 + 2.14%

0.19 + 2.09%


0.29 + 2.14%

0.19 + 2.09%


0.29 + 3.50%

0.19 + 2.09%

These savings took effect on April 23, and are being passed on directly to stores.

2) Ability to adjust individual commission rates for each affiliate

It is now possible to adjust the commission rate individually by affiliate via the store Admin page->Affiliates->Manage. Changing an affiliate's rate only affects future commissions; previously earned commissions do not change.

3) Author's name now links to search by author

Clicking on an author's name on product pages, book lists, and search results now links to a list of all books by that author.

Booksellers with questions about these updates should contact IndieCommerce customer service.