IndieCommunication: IndieCommerce Institute Registration, the SIBA Holiday Catalog & More

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The November 4 edition of the IndieCommunication newsletter includes information about the January 27 IndieCommerce Institute, the SIBA holiday catalog, the Indie Next List eNewsletter, and a tip of the week.

Come to IndieCommerce Institute @ Wi12 in Minneapolis

Registration is now open for the IndieCommerce Institute, an interactive learning experience for IndieCommerce stores, to be held on Friday, January 27. This will be a classroom-style workshop that goes beyond basic training, providing actionable information useful for new and experienced stores.

Attendees should have worked on their website for at least a year, but new users to IndieCommerce who are comfortable working on their store website are also welcome. Attendance at the Winter Institute is not required. More details on discussion topics are available here.

Booksellers with questions should send an e-mail to [email protected].

SIBA Holiday Catalog Now Available

Stores in the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance region have two ways to link to the SIBA Holiday catalog from their IndieCommerce sites:


In the examples above, stores need to replace the copy highlighted in yellow with their site URL and add the copy highlighted in green to their site URL. Stores that need assistance should contact [email protected].

The NEW Indie Next List eNewsletter 

Sign up for the new Indie Next List eNewsletter by November 15 and your customers will receive the first issue as soon as December. The Indie Next List eNewsletter is powered by Shelf Awareness.

The free store-branded eNewsletter features all of the month’s Indie Next List titles with bookseller quotes, “buy now” buttons that lead directly back to the sending store’s e-commerce site, and an interview with the author of the number-one pick.

Participation in the first year of the Indie Next List eNewsletter program is limited to the first 150 qualified stores. During the sign-up process, booksellers will be required to upload their store logo and a CSV file of their e-mail list (instructions are on the form).

To participate, stores should complete the sign-up form on and follow the directions to upload materials. Questions should be e-mailed to ABA Senior Program Officer Joy Dallanegra-Sanger.

Someone Probably Knows Your Password

Following the massive DDoS attack that took down several very large websites on Friday, October 21, Josh Harding, ABA’s systems administrator, wrote a very informative article about password security. It’s a very quick read filled with some great tips. Booksellers are encouraged to pass the article on to everyone who works on their store website.

E-Commerce Tip of the Week

The September 6 edition of IndieCommunication included a fraud alert regarding large orders for textbooks placed via telephone. Even though these credit card transactions were approved by the credit card processor at the time the orders were placed, they were later reversed and the bookshops ended up having to cover the entire charge.

Several weeks ago, another bookseller reported a very similar scam: a telephone order was placed for a large number of textbooks using a stolen credit card. Again, the credit card number was approved at the time of purchase and the credit card number ended up being stolen, costing the bookseller a very substantial out-of-pocket expense.

It’s very likely not good fortune to receive a phone order from an unfamiliar customer for a large number of textbooks. In both cases, the customer was extremely friendly and the books were shipped to addresses that were out of state. Stores that receive this type of order are taking a huge chance fulfilling them. Proceed with caution.

Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts, questions, or suggestions with the IndieCommerce team.

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