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The IndieCommunication newsletter for April 12 includes details about a webinar on creating mobile-friendly websites, a marketing roundtable, displaying secure content, and a tip of the week.

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Live Webinar: How Friendly Is Your Mobile-Friendly Website?

On Thursday, April 19, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EDT, IndieCommerce Specialist Chanthee Keokhaw will discuss the importance of mobile-friendly websites and tips for creating them during the IndieCommerce webinar. The first half of this live webinar is ideal for anyone selling online; you do not have to be an IndieCommerce store to participate. The second half will cover issues that are more specific to bookstores on the IndieCommerce platform. 

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Best 30 Minutes of Marketing Tips Ever!

Every other Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, a group of booksellers get together in a live online video “room” and exchange marketing ideas for 30 minutes. Booksellers can sit with a cup of coffee in the back of their store and converse with other booksellers across the U.S. It’s a great experience. Booksellers who are interested in trying it out can e-mail IndieCommerce Director Phil Davies.

Here’s a recent story from BTW about the latest “roundtable” discussion.

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Is Your Website HTTPS Everywhere?

Starting in July 2018, the Google web browser (Chrome), and likely other web browsers, are going to start displaying warning messages to customers if your entire website is not displaying secure content. We call this “https everywhere.”

On sites that are not secured by July 2018, customers are going to get a nasty warning on their screen. If the web addresses (URLs) for ALL of the pages on a website are not displaying “https,” the IndieCommerce team can help convert the site to “https everywhere.”

Booksellers are encouraged to make an appointment with IndieCommerce staff as soon as possible to make the transition on their sites. Starting May 1, all stores will be automatically switched to https everywhere. However, it is strongly recommended that stores work one-on-one with IndieCommerce before the May 1 deadline to ensure the smoothest transition possible for your site. Make an appointment now. IndieLite users do not need to contact the IndieCommerce team, as IndieLite sites are already secure. 

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Tip of the Week

The IndieCommerce team can also help with online fraud questions. Sooner or later, booksellers will get one of those orders that looks too good to be true. Before fulfilling it, e-mail, and the IndieCommerce team will help evaluate the questionable order. The team has access to sales generated by over 400 online booksellers, and in some cases can see fraud patterns that might save booksellers from making a major mistake.

Booksellers are encouraged to send their thoughts, questions, or suggestions via e-mail to IndieCommerce staff at any time.

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