IndieCommunication: Regional Show One-on-Ones and the IndieCommerce Institute

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The upcoming IndieCommunication newsletter includes details about signing up for one-on-ones at the fall regional trade shows as well as information about the IndieCommerce Institute at Wi13.

Connect With IndieCommerce Staff at the Upcoming Regional Shows

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with an IndieCommerce representative at one of the upcoming fall shows:

Something New for the 2018 IndieCommerce Institute

Winter Institute logoThe IndieCommerce Institute, a classroom-style workshop for users of ABA’s IndieCommerce platform, is offering booksellers two different seminars on Monday, January 22, 2018, with each seminar focusing on two topics. Booksellers can sign up for one seminar or for both. Pre-registration is required for each seminar; registration is $59 per person per seminar, and space is limited. Attendance at Winter Institute is not required to attend the IndieCommerce Institute.

The morning seminar will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Session 1: Optimizing Checkout for Higher Conversion On average, 68 percent of online customers abandon their shopping cart before or during checkout. This session will teach booksellers how to make checkout as efficient as possible in order to achieve higher conversion rates. IndieCommerce staff will discuss the features and checkout panes available for IndieCommerce sites and walk attendees through the steps for configuring panes to achieve maximum conversion. Presenter: ABA IndieCommerce Training Manager Scott Nafz

Session 2: E-mail Subscription, Marketing, and Promotional Campaigns E-mail is a powerful marketing tool. Attendees at this session will learn about the various techniques available for collecting customer e-mails via IndieCommerce sites, enabling booksellers to reach customers and grow  business. IndieCommerce staff will also cover best practices for e-mail marketing and promotional campaigns in order to boost sales of books and other inventory, share news about the store, and publicize events. Presenter: ABA IndieCommerce Specialist Ryan Quinn

The afternoon seminar will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Session 1: Google Analytics for IndieCommerce Learn where online customers are coming from, what they looked at before they decided to buy, and how to identify bottlenecks in the checkout process. IndieCommerce staff will examine and discuss analytics topics of special interest to IndieCommerce stores, with a focus on e-commerce, advanced segments, and goal tracking. Basic familiarity with Google Analytics is recommended. Presenter: Matt Supko of Augment Digital

Session 2: Views All websites benefit from fresh, current, and relevant content. Booksellers whose sites present the same content (staff picks, events, etc.) in different formats on different pages and who struggle with the repetitive work of content update should consider using Views. Attendees will learn how to automate content with Views, how they work, how to create new Views and clone existing ones, and review custom sales reports built using Views. IndieCommerce staff will go over Views terminology and create new, unique Views with attendees. Presenter: ABA IndieCommerce Manager Geetha Nathan

Register for the IndieCommerce Institute now.

Booksellers are encouraged to send their thoughts, questions, or suggestions via e-mail to IndieCommerce staff at any time.

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