IndieReader to Offer Self-Published Titles on Edelweiss

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IndieReader has launched the IndieReader In-Store (IRIS) program, which will offer self-published titles as part of a branded collection aimed at the 37,000 book industry professionals using Edelweiss.

Through IRIS, independent authors can pay $399 per title for a listing in the Edelweiss database accompanied by an IndieReader book review. Authors will also be able to make review copies available to booksellers, librarians, the media, and others through the Edelweiss Digital Review Copy module. Additional services — including various forms of bookstore outreach — will be available for additional fees.

“One of the biggest challenges indie authors face is getting their books into brick-and-mortar stores,” said Amy Edelman, founder of IndieReader. “It took Edelweiss and the growing interest among book buyers to carry self-published titles in their stores … to help solve the problem.”

“It’s great to have a way for indie authors to get their titles onto Edelweiss for professional readers to find,” said John Rubin, the founder and CEO of Above the Treeline, Edelweiss’ parent company. “With our new ‘Community’ feature, booksellers and librarians can also now share lists of their favorite indie titles with their peers — which could be a great way for these professionals to share indie author success stories.”

There is growing interest among booksellers in both identifying good or bestselling indie titles for sale in-store and being able to more easily find local authors for personal appearances, said Nicole Magistro, co-owner of The Bookworm of Edwards in Colorado. “Having indie titles included in the Edelweiss database via IRIS provides the tools to do both of those things.”

IndieReader launched in 2007 to offer book lovers a way to discover new, independent titles and continues to offer book reviews, news, and bestseller lists to its users.