Infographic Illustrates Amazon’s Dominance

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    The consumer review website recently published a 16-page, color infographic that provides comprehensive details on the extensive scope of Amazon’s economic reach.

    The details, which are presented in a positive manner, nonetheless provide ample evidence of Amazon’s online and business dominance.

    Details provided by the infographic include:

    • Amazon holds 43.5 percent of the U.S. e-commerce market.
    • Amazon has some 300 million active users and sells more than 3 billion products each month.
    • Amazon adds more than 1 million products each day to its stores and they are expected to sell more than 12 billion products by 2020.
    • Amazon is the world’s third-largest IT company.
    • Forty-four percent of web shoppers go directly to Amazon for product searches, and 90 percent of customers check Amazon even if they’ve found their product elsewhere.
    • Amazon’s marketplace boasts more than 2 million sellers.
    • Amazon’s top five product categories still includes books.
    • Amazon’s web services are used by 600 government agencies worldwide.

    See the full infographic.