Keep Staff in the Loop: Encourage Colleagues to Sign Up for Bookselling This Week

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All bookstore and publisher staff are encouraged to subscribe to the American Booksellers Association’s free weekly e-newsletter, Bookselling This Week (BTW), to stay up-to-date with news about the indie bookselling world, discover helpful business tips and best practices, and learn more about ABA programming and governance.

There is no limit to the number of staff that can sign up to receive BTW. ABA urges all bookstore and publisher staff to sign up for the newsletter and invite their colleagues to subscribe.

With the 2018 Winter Institute less than three weeks away, BTW is providing readers with the information they need to make their Winter Institute experience as valuable as possible. In a special issue from the event on January 25, Bookselling This Week will deliver reports and photos of the many highlights of Winter Institute. Following Winter Institute, booksellers can watch BTW for in-depth coverage of the numerous education sessions.

Bookselling This Week was redesigned last fall to offer a clean, modernized, user-friendly format along with a new logo and tagline: “BTW: The Source for Independent Bookselling.” Articles are organized by topic for easy browsing and sharing, and convenient links to ABA’s social media pages will help readers find us online.

Booksellers and publishers are encouraged to subscribe to Bookselling This Week now. And, as always, ABA values the opportunity to share breaking news and updates about its bookstore members and publisher partners. BTW welcomes all comments, suggestions, queries, and letters to the editor at