Keeping in Touch With Customers Via Constant Contact

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Savvy booksellers make the most of every opportunity to inform customers about the latest titles, upcoming events, and store news, and one of a business' most-effective channels is an e-mail marketing campaign. To help members choose a service provider that can be trusted to provide reliable and cost-efficient management of e-mail campaigns, the American Booksellers Association offers a partnership with Contact Contact.

In addition to working with a company that more than 150,000 small businesses trust, ABA bookstore members participating in the Constant Contact affinity program receive an annual rebate, usually equal to the business' average monthly program fee.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use Constant Contact. Coincidentally, these are also the top 10 critical benefits that are most often lacking in standard e-mail systems:

1. Creates great looking e-mails
2. Requires no technical skill or support staff
3. Delivers measurable results
4. Gets higher e-mail deliverability
5. Handles formatting
6. Is an approved bulk mailer
7. Follows professional mailing practices
8. Provides list hosting and management
9. Includes frequent updates and enhancements
10. Complies with e-mail laws

To earn an annual rebate, ABA member bookstores must sign up for Constant Contact through the ABA reseller program.

Here's an example of how the rebate works: If over a 12-month period, a business pays an average of $30 per month to Constant Contact, it will receive a $30 rebate from ABA. (Questions about the rebate should be directed to Jill Perlstein, ABA's director of member services, Bookstore members can try the product free for 60 days.