Kobo Announces eRead Local Incentive Program for ABA Members

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On Tuesday, Kobo revealed plans for an incentive program aimed at encouraging customers at American Booksellers Association member stores to give e-reading a try. Set to launch later this summer and to run for 100 days, eRead Local will reward both ABA member stores that acquire new Kobo customers and the customers themselves.

“We were pleased to learn of Kobo’s incentive program and find it encouraging that they are looking for new ways for indie bookstores to work with them. We look forward to working with Kobo to help them make this and future initiatives as effective as possible,” said ABA CEO Oren Teicher. 

Participating ABA member stores will receive $5 per new Kobo customer acquired, and each new customer who creates a Kobo account through an affiliate ABA member will receive a $5 credit toward his or her first purchase of a Kobo eBook.

In addition, ABA members that sign up 100 new customers will be entered for a chance to win an in-store event with a bestselling author; those acquiring 50 new customers will be eligible for a chance to win Kobo eReaders for in-store customer contests that can help generate further in-store foot traffic. ABA members will also be provided with a full Kobo marketing kit, including a term sheet, promotional posters, online banners, and a reading app communication guideline.

“As we continue to strengthen our partnership with ABA, we’re pleased to offer this comprehensive incentive program, with the goal of driving more customers to member stores through an expanded eBook offering,” said Michael Tamblyn, president and chief content officer for Rakuten Kobo, in a statement.

“We’re passionate about enabling people to read more often and at more times throughout the day — in line at the grocery store, on a work lunch break, or while waiting to pick up kids between their daily activities. Our free reading app allows people to turn the devices they already use on a daily basis into an eReader, which we believe is the perfect way to complement their existing reading lives by giving them more ways to get into their next great book.”

More information about the eRead Local program will be announced by Kobo in the coming weeks.