Kobo to Launch eBook Gift Card Program

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Booksellers using Givex for their in-store gift card program will be able to offer and redeem physical Kobo gift cards for eBooks beginning this summer.

Kobo is launching the eBook gift card program in response to requests from ABA booksellers. An online gift card program is also in development, with plans to launch in the third quarter of 2016.

Kobo will be producing the gift cards and sending them to stores directly. Stores will be asked to sign a term sheet in which they agree to sell and merchandise the cards.

To start, each store will receive 200 gift cards, or more upon request; once stores sell through the first batch of gift cards, they will reorder from Givex.

For more information or to sign up for the Kobo eBook gift card program, e-mail Kobo Marketing Manager Natalie Jefferson. Find out more about Givex gift card services here.

The Kobo eBook gift cards program is scheduled to begin in July. Watch for updates in ABA’s Kobo e-newsletter or in Bookselling This Week.

Bookstores not currently participating in the Kobo eReading program can find out how to join here. Questions and comments about all things Kobo-related should be directed to [email protected].