Kobo Launch Incentive Deadline October 20

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The Kobo eBook and eReader program is off to a swift start, with many ABA member stores already expressing formal interest in joining the program. To answer booksellers’ questions and to facilitate sign-up, the American Booksellers Association has set up a Kobo resource page on BookWeb.org, and beginning at the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association trade show in Denver this week, Kobo and Ingram representatives will be present at each regional trade show.

Booksellers should be mindful, however, that to participate in the Launch Incentive — which includes free displays, free demo units, sell-through bonuses, product returnability, extended dating, and a cash bonus for participating — they must sign-up by Saturday, October 20.

Stores can begin the sign-up process on the Kobo resource page, where they’ll also find up-to-date program details, device images and specs, web graphics, and more.

The first step in the sign-up process is a form called “Participate in the ABA/Kobo eReading Program.” This is intended to measure ABA member interest only and is not a commitment. Form submissions will help ABA plan while booksellers take time to more closely read Step 2, the “Kobo Participation Agreement.” It is necessary, however, that the Participation Agreement be completed in full in order to participate in the program and take advantage of the Launch Incentive.

To finalize participation in the Kobo program, stores will need to sign a Kobo brand usage agreement and send their store logo to ABA. The brand usage agreement from Kobo will be posted and sent to stores soon.

Members with questions about the ABA/Kobo partnership should contact their Member Relationship Manager  or send an e-mail to [email protected].