Kobo News & Updates: Daily Deals, Kid-Friendly DIY Materials

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The Kobo Daily Deal

Kobo has launched a Daily Deal campaign that offers customers a deep discount on a new title each day. Since the link to the Daily Deal will remain the same every day, there’s not a lot of work involved for booksellers.

All that stores must do is create the link once and be sure to include their affiliate tracking at the end, and a new deal will display each day. Daily Deals can be found by clicking on the top banner at store.kobobooks.com. A banner ad to promote the Daily Deal is available and will fit perfectly on many IndieCommerce templates.

A store’s affiliate ID is the same as its username for the Kobo Reporting Tool. Learn more about adding an affiliate link to the URL here.

Kobo Kids Imagery in Designs & Downloads 

To help spread the word on the new Kobo Kids section, Kobo has provided new kid-friendly DIY materials. The new section of Kobo's website is playfully designed to appeal to youngsters and will only display eBooks that are appropriate for children.

The Kobo Kids imagery is now available in the Designs and Downloads section of BookWeb.org.

September Revenue Share

Revenue share for the month of September has been processed. If a store yielded sales during the month, an ACH transfer from BookSense Inc. will appear on the account provided. To review transactions, booksellers should log into the Kobo Reporting Tool.

And in case you missed it:

Information on the new Kobo eReading devices available to ABA member stores is in ABA’s Kobo Announcement Archive.

Stores that have difficulty installing demo mode on a device should contact [email protected] for assistance.