Kobo Update: Arc Price Drop and Updated DIY Images

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Last Thursday, Kobo announced a price drop that went into effect immediately on all on-hand inventory of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Kobo Arcs. The special pricing is in effect until supplies run out.

The old 16GB Arc is now $99; the 32GB is now $129; and the 64GB is now $149.

The deadline to report sales is March 15, 2014, via the Kobo Reporting Tool.

For rebate amounts and instructions for receiving the rebate via ACH transfer, stores should refer to the January 16 Weekly Kobo News & Updates in the Kobo Archive on BookWeb.org.

Updated Images in DIY: Indie Next List Book Covers

Stores can refresh their online Kobo imagery with new graphics recently added to Designs & Downloads on BookWeb.org.

New items include:

  • A button boasting an additional million eBooks in the Kobo catalog — Kobo now has four million eBooks, so show it off by swapping the old online banners with the new button provided.
  • New Device Button banners — Showcasing the Arc 7 and Aura.
  • Updated Device images — Featuring bestselling indie titles.