Kobo Valentine’s Day Special Ends February 14

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Booksellers can take advantage of Kobo’s Valentine’s Day special, which offers $20 off the $129.99 price of the Kobo Glo HD eReader through February 14.

ABA members can order Kobo’s eReaders — and accessories — directly through the Kobo corporate site.

Booksellers can e-mail ABA’s Meg Smith to receive a corporate site password. Once booksellers have accessed the corporate store, they will need their account login information provided by Kobo. If needed, booksellers can request their account login information from Kobo Partner Manager Catherine Villar.

Promotional images and designs for bookstore websites and social media can be found in the Kobo DIY on BookWeb.

Bookstores not currently participating in the Kobo eReading program can visit this page to find out how to join. Questions and comments about all things Kobo-related are welcome at [email protected].