Kobo Webinar Friday, Updated FAQ & Logo Guidelines Now Available

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Booksellers who have been unable to attend the “eBooks and Indie Bookstores” session at the regional trade shows still have time to sign up for a Kobo webinar to be hosted by ABA Technology Director Neil Strandberg and Matt Supko on Friday, October 12, at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The webinar will provide details about Kobo eBooks, eReaders, and eReading accessories, as well as about launch incentives made possible by Kobo, ABA, and Ingram, the exclusive distributor of Kobo eReaders and accessories to ABA member stores. The number of participants in the webinar, which includes a Q&A period, is limited. Register now.

Also this week, the “Launch Incentive” section of the Kobo FAQ was updated to reflect a newly revised, more favorable returns policy on Kobo eReaders and accessories that is available to all stores signing up for the Launch Incentive by October 20.

In addition, guidelines for art for Kobo co-branded sites are now accessible via BookWeb’s Kobo Resource page. Stores that have returned their Participation Agreement are directed to the guidelines to submit their logo art.

Just added to the Bookseller Resources page are downloadable fliers from Kobo comparing the Mini, the Glo, and the Arc eReaders to the models of competitors. The comparisons cover a wide range of features, including size, weight, navigation, battery life, number of books available, and more.

The first step for booksellers who have yet to sign up for the Kobo program is to complete the form “Participate in the ABA/Kobo eReading Program,” which will help ABA measure member interest in the program while booksellers take the time to more closely read Step 2, the “Kobo Participation Agreement.” To take advantage of the Kobo Launch Incentive, the Participation Agreement must be completed in full by October 20.

ABA is encouraging members who have submitted the Kobo Participation Agreement but have not been contacted by the Ingram Content Group regarding their participation in the Launch Incentive to contact their Ingram sales representative or Ingram Customer Care at (800) 937-8000 or [email protected].