Linden Tree Owners’ Wish Granted

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Jill Curcio and Dianne Edmonds, the owners of Los Altos, California’s Linden Tree Books, are winners in the Small Business Big Wishes campaign sponsored by software company Intuit.

Jill Curcio and Dianne Edmonds

Curcio and Edmonds, who bought Linden Tree from founders Linda and Dennis Ronberg in the summer of 2010 and moved the business in 2011 to a 3,200-square-foot storefront down the street, are featured on the Intuit Small Business blog, which noted that “the two business-savvy moms with a passion for education” have been on mission to upgrade and diversify Linden Tree’s offerings.

“We moved to our new location a year ago,” Edmonds told Intuit, “and we were looking for funds to be able to finish off our new store and create signage inside the store to help everybody navigate…. We are so passionate about serving our community and the move to our new location just sucked up all of our capital and it was the last piece before we just ran out of money.”

In December, Edmonds submitted an entry to the Small Business Big Wishes campaign explaining: “Our last remaining obstacle to ensuring we can continue to provide the best books and community events for another 25 years is permanent overhead signs to help children, parents, grandparents, and teachers find the books and resources they need. QuickBooks handles our daily business. This contest can meet our long-term goals.”

The win, she added, will allow Linden Tree to feature “quality and user-friendly signage that would honor our customers.”

During the month of December, Intuit granted 15 big wishes to 15 small businesses. Although the Small Business Big Wishes campaign has ended, plans are in the works for another program.