Making the Deadline for January 2008

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The deadline for nominations for the January 2008 Book Sense Picks list is Friday, November 2. There are a number of intriguing titles set for publication in January, and this list has the potential of beginning the new year with a strong selection of titles, but only if Book Sense receives a wide representation of bookseller nominations.

"As a former bookseller, I completely understand how much goes into executing a successful holiday selling season and how busy these weeks are," said Dan Cullen, Book Sense Picks editor-in-chief. "But I really hope that booksellers can take a moment to send in nominations for the titles they are looking forward to handselling in January. Each nomination will help ensure that the upcoming Picks list is full of the sorts of titles that indie booksellers are most excited about championing to their customers. We are incredibly grateful for all the nominations we have received so far, and look forward to more as the deadline approaches."

Booksellers can submit Book Sense Picks recommendations via e-mail to [email protected] or via the electronic nomination form on ABA's trade website,

Book Sense Picks deadlines for 2008 are also available on the site.