(Northern) California Independent Booksellers Association Welcomes New Board Members

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New board members have been announced by the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association, which is using the acronym (n)CIBA in light of the news that the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association will be dissolving at the end of this year; the two associations are working toward unification in order to serve all California bookstore members.

The board has unanimously voted to fill its available seats as follows;

New voting members

  • Mary Williams (Skylight Books, Los Angeles)
  • Mimi Hannan (La Playa Books, San Diego)
  • Bridget Schinnerer (Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena) assumes the role of Treasurer.

New non-voting member

  • Mark O’Neal (Karel/Dutton Group), first to fill the new Southern California Sales Rep Position.

Changes to the existing board

  • Wendy Pearl (Penguin Random House) becomes the Northern California Sales Rep.
  • Leslie Jobson (Ingram Content Group, Publishers Group West/Two Rivers) continues in her role as Publishing Professional.
  • Current Treasurer Melinda Powers (Bookshop Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz) becomes the new incoming president and will be on the ballot for board president in April 2020.

The transition committee, which can be reached at onecaliforniavision@gmail.com, consists of: