November Is the New December: Tell Your Customers to Shop Now

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November Is the New DecemberTo encourage customers to shop early and shop local, the American Booksellers Association has created a range of designs with new colors to inform customers that “November is the new December.”

Booksellers are invited to post this messaging in their store or share on social media. Additionally, booksellers are welcome to share the designs with fellow local businesses to further spread the message to shop early and shop local.

The designs are available now in’s Marketing Assets, just below assets for the #BoxedOut campaign.

Shopping early is important this year due to the high demand for books, the potential for supply chain disruptions and delayed inventory shipments, and the need to help bookstores and other small businesses make it through the end of the year.

Booksellers should make clear to customers how they can shop with their store, whether in-store, online, or both, and whether that includes curbside pickup or delivery.

Visit’s Marketing Assets now to download these new designs.