Number of IndieCommerce Sites on Drupal Grows

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More than 70 ABA members have now migrated their store websites to Drupal, the new ABA IndieCommerce platform, with 24 launching since early August.

ABA is continuing the migration process as planned and will be contacting stores that received training before July 17 and missed their September 1 migration deadline. In July, ABA announced a deadline extension to November 1 for stores that had not yet received training on the migration to Drupal; however, booksellers who had already received training were reminded they would still be required to migrate their sites to the new platform by September 1.

ABA staff will be contacting those stores to inform them of ABA's plan to select a random theme that seems appropriate for the store, migrate the current content over, adjust the menus and sidebars to approximate the store's current website, and push the new site live.

IndieCommerce sites migrating to Drupal since August 5, 2009:

In the coming weeks, BTW will run updates to the list. For sites migrating to Drupal before August 5, click here.