Ohio Booksellers Urged to Call on Governor to Support E-Fairness

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The American Booksellers Association is urging booksellers to write to Ohio Gov. John Kasich to exhort him to push for e-fairness in the state. In an April 20 e-mail to Ohio members, ABA Senior Public Policy Analyst David Grogan wrote: “We believe that if Ohio were to pursue an e-fairness solution, it would not only level the playing field for Ohio retailers, but also put pressure on leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives to finally act at the federal level. But to make it happen, they need to hear from you.”

On April 16, the American Booksellers Association and Barnes & Noble sent a letter to Gov. Kasich to call for a state sales tax fairness solution. The letter, signed by B&N CEO Michael P. Huseby and ABA CEO Oren Teicher, said: “It is critical that Ohio level the playing field for Main Street retailers now. Our stores should not have to spend another year working at a disadvantage because some online retailers continue to shirk their obligation to collect sales tax. It is time to require that remote retailers collect and remit sales tax on purchases made by Ohio residents.”

Ohio booksellers are encouraged to adapt Huseby and Teicher’s letter to send to the governor and to also reach out to their state lawmakers.

Booksellers with questions regarding e-fairness should contact Grogan at dave@bookweb.org or via phone at (914) 406-7562.