Outreach to ABA Members Continues

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In connection with its transition to a new member database, the American Booksellers Association is reaching out to all bookstore members via telephone to confirm and update key contact information for a variety of ABA programs and initiatives.

The calls are being made by several member booksellers who are working with ABA on a freelance basis, as well as ABA’s member relationship managers, Catherine Cusick and Nathan Halter.

The callers will not be asking anything relating to credit card information or store finances. Rather, they are seeking to verify contact names, telephone and e-mail addresses, and the like. ABA is asking members to please give 10 minutes to a fellow bookseller or a member relationship manager when he or she calls. The information gathered will help the association form a clearer picture of members’ interests and needs and will help ensure that all ABA communications reach the correct staff people.

Questions about ABA’s outreach effort should be directed to [email protected].