Poetry Top Ten Flier Ready for Download

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In last week’s announcement of the 2011 Indie Next List Poetry Top Ten, we inadvertently left out the link to the downloadable flier. So, here is the link to full-color PDF of the 2011 Poetry Top Ten, which reflects the enthusiastic nominations of independent booksellers nationwide.

The flier is a perfect centerpiece for April Poetry Month displays and for use as a handout or bag stuffer.

For an array of resources and tips for celebrating National Poetry Month, visit the Academy of American Poets website, poets.org.

This year’s free National Poetry Month Poster, sent to ABA member stores in the March Red Box mailing, was designed by Stephen Doyle. It features the line “Bright objects hypnotize the mind” from Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “A Word With You.” The poster can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Academy’s website.