Promo Aims to Expand Magazines in Indie Bookstores

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The shuttering of Borders and other bookselling chains has created a major dilemma for magazine publishers and an opportunity for independent booksellers. Magazine publishers, like book publishers, order and pay for paper and set print orders far in advance. Now, they are faced with the need to find new outlets quickly for the fourth quarter of 2011.

Single copy sales of magazines in bookstores are an important marketing venue for niche and bestselling magazines. To that end, magazine publishers have committed to participating in a program developed by Trofie, a leader in magazine and book sales promotions in airports, bookstores, and specialty retail venues, that is designed to expand sales in independent bookstores.

Booksellers who commit to a magazine program through Trofie will benefit from promotional fees as well as high product turns of bestselling magazines, said Christine Crowley, CEO and managing partner for Trofie and ViaTrofie Networks. Stores simply need to display promotional titles in a special section or fixture. Booksellers can use their current magazine distributors, and they’ll have the opportunity to review and accept the promotional titles. This promotion does not replace booksellers’ existing magazine selections — it’s an addition to their current offerings.

To learn more about the Trofie program, booksellers should contact Christine Crowley via e-mail or by telephone at (415) 518-5411.

Sample bookstore gondolas converted to magazine promotion display. Titles pictured here do not represent the magazines that may be participating in the bookstore promotion. Fixture examples only.