Red and White Box Mailings to Become One “Monthly Box”

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Starting in 2019, booksellers will receive one monthly mailing that combines the contents of the Red and White Boxes. The American Booksellers Association will send all qualifying stores a monthly box, as well as a quarterly Kids’ Box.

The new Monthly Box will contain in-store marketing materials provided by publisher partners, copies of the following month’s Indie Next List flier, and selections of ARCs and books from publishers for review and recommendation.

All bookstores are eligible to receive the Monthly Box, which must be “earned” by submitting regular nominations to the Indie Next List (see the deadlines for Indie Next List nominations here) and by actively participating as an ABA member in various programs, such as:

  • Regularly reporting to the Indie Bestseller List
  • Participating in IndieCommerce or IndieLite
  • Membership in the ABC Children’s Group

The more a store participates in these programs, the more robust its Monthly Box will be. For the first three months of membership, stores automatically receive the box.

E-mail for more information about the Monthly Box mailings, to opt out of mailings, or to change the amount of Indie Next List fliers received each month.

Publisher deadlines for material submissions will be announced in the coming weeks.