Regionals to Collaborate on 2015 National Independent Bookstore Day

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After the success of the first California Bookstore Day earlier this year, the nine regional bookseller associations are working together to collaboratively support a national Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015.

With assistance from their regional associations, bookstores from coast to coast will be welcoming customers in for entertainment, goodies, and specially created literary items.

“We’re delighted with the enthusiasm that independent bookstores across the country are exhibiting about the Bookstore Day concept,” said Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA) Executive Director Hut Landon. “The fact that all the regional associations have signed on to support the efforts of interested stores in their areas, in spite of the additional time and resources they will have to commit, underscores the evident appeal of what will effectively be a nation-wide celebration of independent bookselling next May 2. And, of course, we greatly appreciate ABA’s financial and resource support, without which we couldn’t do the celebration justice.”

Booksellers celebrating Independent Bookstore Day will order items specially created by publishers that are designed to appeal to customers at bookstores nationwide. Ordering is set to begin in December. Bookstores will be expected to order a minimum of 15 units, promote the celebration, and host an exciting event in their stores to bring in customers. Publishers with ideas for special Independent Bookstore Day items can e-mail Landon at [email protected].

Independent Bookstore Day is currently seeking submissions for its logo contest and is looking for a design that will best represent the event. Creative book lovers are invited to design and submit an Independent Bookstore Day logo, and the selected design will appear on Independent Bookstore Day promotions, products, and merchandise. The winning designer will receive $1,000. Submissions can be sent to Midwest Independent Booksellers Association Executive Director Carrie Obry at [email protected] by October 15, 2014. Learn more here.

The 93 bookstores that participated in California Bookstore Day on May 3, 2014, offered unique literary-themed items for sale and hosted blowout parties featuring authors, snacks, goodies, and entertainment. Collectively, participating stores saw an increase of $150,000 in sales. In light of the enthusiasm for a California-centric event, stores in the state will once again be celebrating California Bookstore Day alongside Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015.