Sales Tax Victory in Illinois!

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On January 6, the Illinois House of Representatives passed HB3659, legislation that contains a sales tax fairness provision. The bill, which was approved by the state Senate on Wednesday, January 5, will require remote retailers with online affiliates in the state acting as sales agents to collect and remit sales tax for purchases made by Illinois residents.

The House has 30 days to transmit the bill to Gov. Pat Quinn (D), who has 60 days to sign it. The governor is expected to sign the bill.

“The sales tax fairness victory represents a huge win not only for Illinois retailers, but also for the sales tax fairness campaign as a whole,” said Oren Teicher, ABA CEO. “We are very grateful to our Illinois booksellers for their outreach in this effort, and also to the Illinois Retail Merchants Association for their leadership. While we fully expect the governor will sign this bill, there is no question that the bill’s opponents will lobby the governor to veto it. We strongly encourage Illinois booksellers to write to the governor’s office in Springfield to urge him to sign this important legislation.”

Booksellers with questions regarding how HB3659 will affect their business should contact ABA’s Senior Public Policy Analyst David Grogan at or (800) 637-0037, ext 6662.