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American Booksellers Association members participating in the association's Discount Shipping Program through PartnerShip may notice a change in the name of their freight carrier in the coming months. Freight, which was previously handled by either Yellow Transportation or Overnite Transportation, will now be handled by Yellow Transportation or UPS Freight. In early May, UPS Freight acquired Overnite Transportation, and, according to PartnerShip, ABA Discount Shipping Program customers will soon begin seeing the UPS Freight logo on drivers' uniforms and on trucks.

"The transition from Overnite to UPS Freight will happen gradually over the next few years," said John Finucane, executive vice president of PartnerShip, "so [ABA members] shouldn't be alarmed if they see an Overnite truck, and the driver has on a new UPS Freight uniform and is carrying UPS Freight invoices."

Finucane noted that the change to UPS Freight would not affect ABA member benefits through the PartnerShip affinity program. The discount on large freight shipments will remain at 63 percent, and, Finucane added, "The PartnerShip staff will continue to work with UPS Freight and all carriers on [ABA members'] behalf."

UPS Freight is primarily a regional and intrastate carrier for shipments over 250 lbs. Yellow Transportation's primary focus is on moving national and regional interstate shipments, also typically over 250 lbs.

FedEx remains the preferred small-package carrier of the ABA Discount Shipping Program. UPS Freight operates independently of UPS Ground's small-package division, stressed Finucane, and no discounts are currently available on small packages shipped via UPS.

ABA members can monitor their shipments from pickup to delivery through the UPS Freight website, For more information about the ABA Discount Shipping Program, or about the transition to UPS Freight, call PartnerShip at (800) 599-2902 or send an e-mail to