Shop With W.G. Ellerkamp Co. for Shopping Bags, Gift Card Holders, and More

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Paper shopping bags featuring bookstore names/logos

W.G. Ellerkamp, a business affinity partner of the American Booksellers Association, is inviting booksellers to review its 2020–2021 sales catalog. The catalog would have been included in the April Monthly Box mailing to stores, but that mailing was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak and related closing of bookstores.

In Ellerkamp’s new catalog, booksellers will find paper shopping bags, reusable tote bags, gift wrap, bookmarks, and journals.

According to Jack Ellerkamp, while the company sells retail packaging to all types of retailers, over the last three weeks, more than 90 percent of orders the company has taken have come from independent booksellers. Ellerkamp is primarily shipping bags, gift wrap, and gift card folders to booksellers.

Booksellers can review the 2020–2021 sales catalog now.