Snow Goose Migrates East

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Snow Goose Bookstore, "The Goose," of Stanwood, Washington, moved to a larger space on Saturday, March 30 -- and, with help from the community, they were open and ready for business by Monday morning, April 1.

On Easter Sunday morning, nearly 30 volunteers, including family, friends, local librarians, and customers, gathered in the old store to get their moving assignments: loading and unloading books onto library-loaned book carts, and dismantling and reassembling all the store’s shelves and fixtures. The volunteers "worked a hard day for donuts and coffee, sandwiches and beer," said store co-owner Kristine Kaufman.

Kaufman and co-owner Chris Satterlund had the two weeks prior to the move to prepare the new space, located five doors down the block and on the same side of the street as the old store.

Adding "approximately 500 square feet, [to a size of about 2,000 square feet] better lease terms, and better visibility," Kaufman and Satterlund are still moving things around and trying to "train their body memories to reach for things in new directions, but all-in-all the new store looks great," said Kaufman.

Satterlund organized the teams of volunteers at the old store, and Kaufman directed incoming traffic at the new store. Kaufman noted: "By lunchtime, all the books were out of the old store, and the new Goose, if a bit chaotic, was rapidly taking shape. By 4:00 p.m. the cash register was in its new place, and ready to go" for the opening on Monday morning.

"Even the notorious Northwest weather played along; no rain all day until we were finally in the car on our way home," said Kaufman.

One of their first customers, on Monday morning, April 1, said she was new to town, and how long had they been there? "Since yesterday!" came the reply. -- Elizabeth Fabian