Summer Kids' & Paper Picks Deadline Friday

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There are two very important Book Sense Picks deadlines on Friday, April 11:

  • the Summer Children's Picks, and
  • the Summer Paperback Picks

"These are two of the most important lists of the summer," said Dan Cullen, Book Sense Picks editor-in-chief, "and we really hope booksellers will nominate titles that they are especially excited about handselling for both of the lists. The opportunity of marketing to young readers over the summer, as well as to readers looking for great reads in paper, make these closely read Picks lists, and strong selling tools. But for the lists to reflect the full range of great writing, we really need to hear from booksellers."

To nominate to the Picks lists, booksellers should simply write as if they were speaking to a customer in the store, and not worry about coordinating their nominations with pub dates. "It's a bookseller's insight, experience, and enthusiasm that make a nomination important -- that's what can't be replicated by anyone else," said Cullen. "Every quote won't make it into one of the printed Picks fliers, but we are extremely grateful for them all. They are all fundamental components to each list."

Picks nominations, including quotes, should be submitted as usual to [email protected] or via the online nomination form.

Looking ahead, Friday, April 18, is the deadline for the LGBT Top Ten.