Summer/Fall Indies Introduce New Voices Titles Revealed at Children’s Institute

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At the Reps Picks Lunch on Monday at the ABC Children’s Institute, booksellers were introduced to the 10 titles to be featured in the Summer/Fall Indies Introduce New Voices program. A panel of 10 children’s booksellers selected the three middle grade and seven young adult titles as the best debuts of the upcoming season.

Sign-up information and terms, as well as the Summer/Fall Indies Introduce titles for adults, will be announced later this month. Watch for details in upcoming editions of Bookselling This Week.

Indies Introduce New Voices Titles for Summer/Fall 2014


The Secret Hum of a Daisy, by Tracy Holczer
(Putnam Juvenile, 9780399163937, Publication date 5/1/14)
“When 12-year-old Grace’s mother dies, she’s reunited with her estranged grandmother from a rural town she has never even visited. Poignant, endearing, and fresh, this beautifully told middle grade novel is full of wisdom and heart.” —Krista Gilliam, Little Shop of Stories

The Glass Sentence, by S.E. Grove
(Viking Juvenile, 9780670785025, Publication date 6/12/14)
The Glass Sentence features a highly imaginative and engaging premise, which is clearly related and accessible, while also possessing roots grounded intricately in social and political history and cartography. This tightly knit and compelling world offers deep satisfaction for all readers of interest who will regale themselves with its dire actions, complex villainy, highly absorbing characters, and sublimely engaging interior and outer landscapes.” —Kenny Brechner, Devaney Doak & Garrett

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher, by Dana Alison Levy
(Delacorte BYR, 9780385376525, Publication date 7/22/14)
“The Family Fletcher is a boisterous, happy crew. All four boys are tenderly loved by their two dads. Each boy has his own dilemma that he must work through, including Eli’s change of schools, Jax’s friendship troubles, and Frog’s imaginary friend. It’s a feel-good book with humor and compassion.” —Valerie Koehler, Blue Willow Bookshop


The Truth About Alice, by Jennifer Mathieu
(Roaring Brook Press, 9781596439092, Publication date 6/3/14)
“Everyone in Healy, Texas, knows the truth about Alice Franklin. Everyone knows she’s someone to avoid. Told from several different perspectives, the truth about Alice slowly unfolds, revealing the real truth and the danger of careless, self-serving rumors. A great high school read for discussions about the effects of gossip and bullying.” —Kris Vreeland, Once Upon A Time

Midnight Thief, by Livia Blackburne
(Disney-Hyperion, 9781423176381, Publication date 7/8/14)
“This fresh, exciting fantasy follows the adventures of Kyra, a young thief in the city of Forge, and Tristam, a knight whose star is rising. The story is tightly written, with a perfect mix of romance, peril, and mystery.  I didn’t want to put this book down, and I’m looking forward to the sequel that will surely come in time. ” —Emily Ring, Inklings Bookshop

Illusive, by Emily Lloyd-Jones
(Little, Brown BYR, 9780316254564, Publication date 7/15/14)
“We deserve to indulge ourselves and read Illusive, to step into its highly entertaining future world shaped by the unexpected side effects of a pandemic stopping drug. Governmental intrigue, compromised personal identities, superpowers, likeable, fallible characters, and a riveting coming-of-age drama, which is light on angst, are at our fingertips. What’s not to love?” —Kenny Brechner, Devaney Doak & Garrett

Six Feet Over It, by Jennifer Longo
(Random House BYR, 9780449818718, Publication date 8/26/14)
“Leigh has suffered great heartache in her 15 years — parents who don’t seem to care or understand, almost losing her sister to cancer, and worst of all, losing a good friend with no chance to say goodbye. Leigh’s acerbic wit gets all of us through this story, and we cheer when she finally finds another friend to lean on.” —Valerie Koehler, Blue Willow Bookshop

Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang
(Greenwillow Books, 9780062295040, Publication date 9/9/14)
“In Falling Into Place, Zhang has composed such a fascinating and captivating investigation of character and humanity that readers will find themselves actively rooting for Liz, desperate for her to realize in time that taking herself out of life is never the answer.” —Sara Hines, Eight Cousins Books

Salt & Storm, by Kendall Kulper
(Little, Brown BYR, 9780316404518, Publication date 9/23/14)
“With achingly beautiful prose, Kulper has crafted an intricately knotted story of love and revenge, legacy and sacrifice, destiny and freedom.” —Summer Laurie, Books Inc.

Lies We Tell Ourselves, by Robin Talley
(Harlequin Teen, 9780373211333, Publication date 9/30/14)
Lies We Tell Ourselves is a phenomenal story of two high-school seniors experiencing desegregation for the first time in their Virginia school. The story provides no easy solutions; instead, it offers a solid and responsible ending that leaves hope for both girls to find a better future, while indicating that there is still much left for us to do.” —Sara Hines, Eight Cousins Books

Booksellers who would like to discuss any of the Summer/Fall titles with another bookseller are invited to contact a New Voices panelist. The list of committee members, with e-mail links, is provided below. Questions regarding the Indies Introduce promotion should be sent to ABA Senior Program Officer Joy Dallanegra-Sanger.

Indies Introduce New Voices Panelists, Summer/Fall 2014