Take Advantage of Special Offers From University Presses for Indies First

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This year, more than 30 university presses are offering specials on an array of frontlist and backlist titles in celebration of Indies First on Small Business Saturday, taking place November 25, as well as University Press Week 2017, which takes place November 6–11.

To help stores with ordering titles from university press partners, several booksellers whose stores sell numerous books from university presses have collaborated to create a list of 100 titles they think would sell well in any type of indie bookstore. The list is available as an Excel spreadsheet on the Indies First page on BookWeb.

Some of the most-recommended titles include:

University press titles being featured for Indies FirstEpistrophies: Jazz & the Literary Imagination by Brent Hayes Edwards (Harvard University Press, Hardcover, 9780674055438)
“An engaging look at the fertile interconnections, interrelations, and interplay between jazz and literature, with special attention to liner notes, song titles, autobiography, and other places where well-known jazz musicians use words. The influence of jazz on writing is well-known; the influence of writing on and in jazz, not so much.” —Jonathon Welch, Talking Leaves...Books (Buffalo, NY)

The Little Book of String Theory by Steven S. Gubser (Princeton University Press, Hardcover, 9780691142890)
“A satisfying read for people who love physics and a great basic book to own!” —Nalani Anderko, Books & Books (Miami Beach, FL)

The Sacred Era by Aramaki Yoshio, Baryon Tensor Posadas (Trans.) (University of Minnesota Press, Trade Paperback, 9780816699865)
“While on the surface The Sacred Era may appear to be little more than a collection of sci-fi and fantasy tropes, the underlying ideas being played with are much deeper, diving into a philosophical, surreal world that never gets bogged down in high-mindedness.” —Justin Souther, Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café (Asheville, NC)

John Prine: In Spite of Himself by Eddie Huffman (University of Texas Press, Trade Paperback, 9781477313992)
John Prine is book that proves that university presses manage to think of the obvious where no one else has. Who knew Prine’s first record was recorded in Memphis?” —Richard Howorth, Square Books (Oxford, MS)

In addition to the list of bookseller recommendations, in the coming weeks ABA will share a list of publisher recommendations for university press titles.

A number of university presses will be present at the fall regional trade shows throughout the country, where booksellers can meet with university press representatives to discuss upcoming picks and backlist favorites to carry for Indies First.

Booksellers can view the numerous Indies First special offers and promotional codes available from publishers and university presses on a dedicated page in the ABA Book Buyer’s Handbook and in an Excel spreadsheet on the Indies First homepage on BookWeb (a username and password are required to access either document; e-mail info@bookweb.org for login information). Offers are available during varying dates between September 15 and December 31. Both pages will be updated as additional publisher offers are confirmed.