Thursday Tip, Sleeper Alerts, and … Groan, ANOTHER (Better) Movie Rec

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By Carl Lennertz

Tip of the Week:
Just a reminder: Not all 76 picks need to be in your displays! I know some of you feel guilty because you "just" have 15 to 25 of the picks displayed. That's OK! In fact, that's more than OK!!

Two Kids' 76 ISBN and, therefore, price mistakes:
In the fall Kids' 76 announced last week, two hardcover books had the library binding ISBNs noted instead of the trade editions. Sorry!

  • Carl Hiaasen's HOOT should be 0375821813; $15.95; due Sept. 10
  • THE LIGHTKEEPER'S DAUGHTER should be 0385729251; $16.95; due Sept. 10.

And you probably know already, but a Summer Teen 76 top ten pick is running late. This should be out this month:

  • THE SEEING STONE, by Kevin Crossley-Holland (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, $6.99 paper, 0439263271) "This Book One of The Arthur Trilogy tells of two Arthurs whose thrilling stories are woven together to form an unforgettable tale of medieval life. Crossley-Holland never disappoints!" --Sue Carita, Toadstool Bookshop, Milford, NH
Sales News From Data Gathered This Week From 350 Indies:
: Some of this went out by e-mail Tuesday; let me know if you're not getting that e-mail, along with the national list, plus "On the Rises."
Let me know if you're not getting the list on Tuesday.)

Some sleepers to watch:

  • Trade Paper Nonfiction:

    #40 Nat'l -- 0761125183, Age Doesn't Matter Unless You're a Cheese: Wisdom From Our Elders, Kathryn & Ross Petras, Workman, $8.95 -- Then why am I so bleu?

  • Hardcover Nonfiction:

    #36 Nat'l -- 0810914301, Earth from Above 365 Days, Abrams, $29.95 -- This gem from last year going strong.

    #22 NEBA -- 0684852691, Hamlet's Dresser: A Memoir, Bob Smith, Scribner, $24 -- A top ten 76 pick.

  • Hardcover Fiction:

    #15 NEBA -- 0151008116, Life of Pi, Yann Martel, Harcourt, $25 – A top ten 76 pick.

    #40 SEBA – 0393047571, The Heaven of Mercury, Brad Watson, Norton, $23.95 -- See the big 76 news in this BTW!

  • Two PNBA bestsellers to watch; not just regional to me, as, well, all of us are fascinated by the mountains of the West, and Kerouac, and PBS specials:

    #12 – 1582431485, Poets on the Peaks: Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder & Philip Whalen in the North Cascades, John Suiter, Counterpoint, $40.

    #13 – 0965392457, Great Lodges of the National Parks: The Companion Book to the PBS Television Series, Christine Barnes, Fred Pfulghoft (Photog.), David Morris (Photog.), W.W. West, $35.

And ... a movie rec? OK, a better one, an adult one: My Big Fat Greek Wedding was hysterical! Don't miss it.

Staying in air-conditioned places as much as possible,

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