Thursday Tips, Reminders, and 76 Picks in the News

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1) THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS, by Chris Fuhrman, from University of Georgia Press ($14.95 paper, 0820323381). Fuhrman’s novel made the March/April 76 this year as a Rediscovery Pick ... and now it's a movie just opened in NYC and L.A., about to go national. It's kind of neat that you were in on this first. Jodie Foster produces and stars, and it has nothing to do with the current scandals; it's a ’70s coming-of-age story. Check it out; a great cover, too.

2) HIMALAYAN DHABA, by Craig Joseph Danner (Dutton, $23.95, 052594690X; out May 30). This was a self-published 76 Pick from a year back, and it was scooped up by Dutton, based on indie support via the 76. It’s just out. I should have included this in the July/August 76, but the new edition came out sooner than I expected. It’ll likely be on the September/October list. I urge you to support this book from a really nice author who worked with the indies in the Pacific Northwest (and who won the PNBA fiction award), who offered copies via Advance Access, and who is a self-published success, now with national distribution.

3) Easy tip du jour: Your Web site is one of the repositories of your great store staff picks, and they count as 76 nominations. Simply cut and paste the copy for the picks from your Web site and send them to me. NOTE: To count, they must be staff picks, credited to a specific bookseller. Thanks!

4) July 1 is the last day to send in your top 15 best reading group picks of all time. For the full scoop, click here.

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